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South Lake Tahoe

There are 27 summer home tracts on Forest Service lands between Whitehall and Echo Summit. These tracts date to the 1920's and were built under permit until the late 1940's. Initially, the recreation residences allowed the permittee's families to come up to the mountains to spend the summer months, although now they are often used for shorter periods of time throughout the year.

If you would prefer to rent before purchasing in order to get a feel for the US Forest Service Cabins available near Highway 50. The Eldorado National Forest rents four different facilities that offer a diverse range of amenities and opportunities. The LOON LAKE CHALET is nestled in the granite bowl next to Loon Lake, this small group facility offers drive-to access year-round and excellent winter backcountry skiing. ROBBS HUT sits on top of Robbs Peak, Robbs Hut was once part of an active Fire Lookout. The deck of the lookout offers a spectacular 360 degree view of the forest and Crystal Range. VAN VLECK BUNKHOUSE is located on the edge of a 40 acre meadow Van Vleck Bunkhouse looks up on the Crystal Range of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. HARVEY WEST CABIN is Located on the west bank of the Silver Fork of the South Fork of the American River, this facility offers a relaxing getaway that is an easy drive and not far off Highway 50. SLY GUARD CABIN rests on Sly Park Road near Pollock Pines and Sly Park Reservoir.

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